Hire Advokate, instantly sell your work

8 12 2010

So a few weeks ago I helped a customer set up a shop on Etsy, the online marketplace for all things handmade. We spent four hours one-on-one getting policies set up, editing photos, creating a banner and avatar and listing her items. She got busy and listed a bunch of things after our tutorial.

In her first week of shop ownership, she was featured in a Treasury on the front page and sold a quilt! I was astonished – I mean, I sell things myself on Etsy and I know that sales fluctuate and are largely dependent on how often you list items. And here was a newbie, selling a big ticket item just boom, like that! I felt so proud that Advokate enabled her to have an online shop and that it was already making sales.

When she called me in excitement to tell me about her sale, she made the point that calling me had already paid for itself. (Here’s her shop, by the way – her prices are great and her quilts are all one-of-a-kind.)

So imagine my elation when I heard this news just now. Another Advokate customer took a group class and hired me to design her banner and avatar, and then for one-on-one help with graphics. She started her Etsy shop in late November and just began to list things today… And JUST sold an item within a few hours of listing it!!!

Here’s her new shop.

Now, of course their own talent and quality product is what closed the sale here, but I’m just so psyched that it was through Advokate’s services that they were able to get their Etsy shops up and running!

Don’t you want this to work for you? Call Advokate and start selling online!



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