What to-do, what to-do

9 11 2010

Well, folks, I’ve discovered irony in my business plan here.

The whole idea of this biz was to help artists and small businesses with their skyscraper of a to-do list. I went so far as to say on my promotional materials, “Hand over the to-do list. We can help.” We means me, of course. Me, who is now up against a mountain of to-do lists — now not only my own personal one (make shadowboxes of wedding stuff for the family, put away the junk I decided not to get rid of at this summer’s garage sale, make a decision on a 2011 planner already, yaddah yaddah)…

And not only my personal one AND my art one (frame Big Sky, get ready for the Shirt Factory Open House, get to the studio and make some art, yaddah yaddah)… AND my to-do list of responsibilities to take care of as part of the Shirt Factory management team… (you don’t even want to know) –

I actually have a file of past to-do lists - pictured here.

AND to-do lists for the two boards I’m on (Art in the Public Eye and North Country Arts Center) –

So BESIDES all that, now I’ve got a business to-do list. Actually, I have two. One of the lists is business stuff like working on my advertisements database, mailing list, insurance and all of that, and one of the lists is checking off things I’m actually getting paid to do:

Other people’s to-do lists.

So while I’m helping my clients with their to-do lists, mine is mounting ever higher. I need to hire Advokate to help me with my to-do list! (There’s the ironic part. I know you were waiting for it.)

I used to dream of the day when I would have everything checked off my to-do list. With seven separate ones going, I daresay I may never get there. What a frightening thought!

Luckily, I’m good at lists. And since they’re so big, I really get a kick out of crossing things off of them.




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