I can’t believe it.

24 10 2010

So my first full week of having a bank account and DBA was the week of Monday, Oct. 18. I had written it out in my feasibility plan with SCORE what I actually expect to make at first, what I’ll need to just get by without taking on a waitressing job, what I’d really like to be making to live comfortably and what I’d ultimately like to make to be able to invest money back in the company.

Now, I have to take into account my expenses, which are bigger, just starting up – I have member organizations I’d like to join, advertising and promotion, consultation fees, the website cost — and I can’t even begin to count my uninvoiced hours… But if you don’t count my expenses, I actually hit my three-month goal in the first week!!!

I want to send a BIG thank you out to my first six paying customers who made this possible:

Bev Saunders of BJSArtworks

Crystal Eggleston of Meadow Crafts

Rachael Rhianna

Kat Griffin

Matt Funiciello

Aaron David Ward

I can’t believe it – one week of having a bank account and I EXCEEDED MY SALES GOAL!!! HUGE thanks to my first six customers: Bev Saunders, Crystal Eggleston , Rachael Rhianna, Kat Griffin, Matt Funiciello and Aaron David Ward. You’re making a dream come true!



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