Up, up, up

22 10 2010

I feel like I ought to write this down for posterity, inspired in part by The Chronicle‘s 30th anniversary issue and in part by my high school classmate Melina Coogan’s articulate, honest and deeply insightful blog and website The Wilder Coast.

So I made the call to leave the Chronicle on Aug. 19. It was a hard decision to make. Earlier this year I was hired as part-time Community Coordinator of The Shirt Factory and that’s felt like a great fit. So I had that piece of the puzzle, but I had no other plan when I said I was leaving. I gave it my best swing and I learned a thing or two million and it was time to “let fly,” as Mark wrote in his announcement of my departure – to figure out where I was supposed to be.

I decided to start a business on Sept. 6. The name Advokate was born on Sept. 15. I started a small business class at SUNY Adirondack on Sept. 21. My last day at the Chronicle was October 8. I registered my DBA on Oct. 13 and opened a bank account on Oct. 14. And here I am, seven customers in and a good list of people who have said they’re interested. All right.

Because blog posts are more interesting with a picture in the middle of them, here’s a good one from a hike up Buck Mountain last Sunday. (Dude, hiking is hard!)

Anyhoo. Last week, my first week without a 9-to-5, was all business set-up (LOTS of set-up) and getting to my volunteer things and a little time with family. And yeah, I took half a day to sleep in and be lazy and unemployed. This week, between meeting with clients, Shirt Factory work, my class, actually doing work on the clock for Advokate, business set-up types of meetings with SCORE and the ARCC, working on things for the boards I’m on and staying up late finessing Advokate stuff or checking items off my to-do lists, I’ve really not had more than maybe a couple hours each day, if that, of down time.

For being so ridiculously busy, you’d think I’d be rolling in dough, but that’s yet to come.

I’ll post a picture of it when it happens.

That’s right, buddy: I said when.



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