Hello world!

16 10 2010

Ladies and gentlemen, Advokate is up and running!

We’ve got a website (a more polished version in the works), a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a mailing list, a logo (see above) and now a blog. If you’re looking at all that in envy and wishing you had it too – hey, email us! This is what we do!

We’ve also got a menu of items and a draft of our contract (also with some polishing in the process), and are enrolled in a business class at SUNY Adirondack. We meet with SCORE next week for some small-biz help that will not only benefit Advokate itself, but Advokate’s clients! Keep an eye out for our very first ad in the Chronicle‘s Women in Business issue, coming out on Thursday, October 28.

There’s a little promotion going on right now: Post to recommend Advokate to your Facebook buddies and we’ll kick down a $5 coupon for services. Let us know about it as a comment here, or on our Facebook page so we can write you down for your moolah.

Keep checking back here – we’ll be posting about our clients, tips we find for small businesses and creative types, and what new and exciting things Advokate’s been getting itself into.

Have a great Saturday!



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